Who Am I?


My name is Kim Stone and I became certified after completing a 200-hour professional training course in the theory, science, and practice of mediation. This course included a 7-day Intensive in Sedona Arizona in an intimate retreat setting led by world-class experts in meditation, mindfulness, contemplative practices, yoga, Ayurveda, energy, sound healing, and earth wisdom.

Why did I seek to become a Certified Meditation Instructor?


I wanted to provide comfort and support to people who had experienced great pain and sorrow in their lives and were looking for a way to live again. I came to realize that the pain most difficult to heal is the pain most difficult to acknowledge. I want to be the one to teach you the skills to breathe again after life has stolen your breath, and I know, deep in my heart I know, that only the words from someone who has experienced your pain will penetrate your shattered glass walls. I know this about you because I am you.


Daily meditation brought to me a glorious peace that saved my life, and with that came a calling to share my practice with others.

Whether you are struggling in life or simply looking for a more meaningful path, I encourage you to contact me and allow yourself to experience the gift of meditation.